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Elise is a very passionate fashion stylist who always puts her heart and soul into each project she is involved with. She wants to create an image that takes the viewer into a world filled with (feminine) charm and dreaminess. Her style is chic and eclectic and Elise is known for a great eye of color. My inspiration is often from (retro) movies and art or muses with a great style. In her styling she likes to combine vintage and new; high-fashion with high-street, to achieve a surprising result.One of her passions is to search for suitable clothes and accessories in vintage shops at home and abroad; which offer a treasure chest of unique items.     

Her house has become a small fashion museum by now. She also likes to offer new talented designers a stage in her editorial shoots.   After a Styling edication at Artemis academie and a internship at Elle magazine in 2010, Elise has workt for clients such as; Nylon magazine, Schön!, Wonderland magazine, Satallite Journal, Charlotte Wooning and Philips lumea and visacare amongs others.   "Fashion is my dream to be lived!"      

Girl of my dreams- SCHON! magazine
Vogue Portugal
Charlotte Wooning 1 pool party
Iris -Wonderland magazine
Lolita -Nylon magazine
Stitching blues-Design scene
Dusty dots -design scene
O my hair -Gun magazine
A fishermens friend-Satellite Journal