-Maarten Schets Fine Art-

The Hague,the Netherlands, 1956.

After my studies at St. Joost Art academy in Breda, the Netherlands, I started my career as a fashion photographer in 1979. Lived and worked in Milan, Paris and Amsterdam. Countless fashion trips fuelled my passion for traveling, landscape and nature photography. Shooting portraits of famous artists soon became another passion.

My love for beauty, nature, travel and art inspired me to become the autonomous photographer I am now.

Art By Nature is the theme I’m working on for many years. This resulted in the book ‘No Birth No Death’, a dialogue between drawings by Gam Klutier and photographs by me. 'Our universe -nature in its entirety- consists of a diverse collection of basic elements in a constant process of creation, power, vitality and destruction. No Birth No death is a unique reflection on the purity of light, water, ice, rock and clouds.’   During the Covid lockdown with its restrictions, I concentrated on birds in The Netherlands. This story fits perfectly within the Art By Nature theme. Drawings in the sky by Starlings and Geese, some stunning apparitions by Herons in Amsterdam.This project is alive and growing.